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Phenolic Avionics Bay

Phenolic Avionics BayGiant Leap's avionics bays are the best! Large open area stores lots of onboard electronics.

  • Holds 1 or 2 computers, altimeter or timers

  • Airtight, O-ring, tested to 30 LBS vacuum

  • Isolates electronics from corrosive gases

  • Protects against mechanical shock

  • Fits inside 3.90" or 3.00" diameter tubing

  • 7.0" LONG, fits short or long circuit boards

  • Ideal for dual - deployment, RC recovery, video transmitters, GPS, tracking beacons

  • 27 parts & easy-to-read instructions

Both sizes, 7" Long



Electronics bay for 3.00" Airframe


Electronics bay for 3.90" Airframe


Charge Canister (holds up to 1.5 gms of Black Powder - (Buy extra charge canisters for all your projects!)

5 for $1.11

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