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High Power Rocket Kit Components - Airframes


The function of a rocket's airframe may vary by the design of the rocket, but the airframe is the central structural member of the rocket. The motor mount and fins transfer thrust to the airframe, and everything else. Rockets can have multiple airframes or just one like most typical rockets. The airframe is susceptible to all of the stresses involved in the entire flight,

High Power Rocket Kit Components - Nose Cones

Nose Cones

The nose cone is designed to minimize the drag coefficient of the rocket as its traveling through the atmosphere. The nose cone reduces the friction on the rocket as it moves through the atmosphere. Essentially, it pushes the air out of the way so the rest of the rocket can follow it.

High Power Rocket Kit Components - Fins


The Groove-Lok is the latest in fin attachment technology. It epoxies over a 38mm motor tube and makes attaching fins much more efficient. Made of high-strength extruded aluminum, it holds the fins in perfect alignment. It's a fin alignment guide built into the rocket.

The Groove-Lok adds incredible strength to your fincan area, with very little weight gain. It interlocks all fin canister components, and transfers loads. Much Stronger than a standard fin layup.

High Power Rocket Kit Components - Recovery


Model and high-power rockets are designed to be safely recovered and flown repeatedly. The most common recovery methods are parachute and streamer. The parachute is usually blown out when the engine's recoil creates pressure and pops off the nose cone. The parachute is attached to the nose cone, making it pull the parachute out and make a soft landing.

High Power Rocket Kit Components - C-Rings & Bulkheads

Centering Rings & Bulkheads

Centering Rings are used when you want to center one tube inside another -- like for instance when a motor tube fits inside an airframe tube. But they have other uses too; they can be used to center a small tube inside an avionics bay to create a sub-compartment. You can adhere a centering inside the airframe, above the motor tube, to provide a mounting plate for an eyebolt (drill a hole off to the side). This gives a secure attachment point for your recovery hardware (that is removable if you use a Quik-Link), one that still allows ejection gasses to pass through for deployment. Centering rings are used mainly in airframes, but you can order them to fit into couplers as well. Centering rings have many uses!

Bulkheads are used when you need to close off or seal a section or compartment. They are used to seal the ends of an avionics bay, for instance, or at the bottom of a coupler that divides two parts of your rocket. You can get bulkheads to fit an airframe or a coupler. Bulkheads come with a 1/4" hole in the center for an eyebolt and nut.

High Power Rocket Kit Components - Avionics Bay

Avionics Bays

Avionics Bays hold computers, altimeter or timers, isolates electronics from corrosive gases and protects against mechanical shock. Ideal for dual - deployment, RC recovery, video transmitters, GPS and tracking beacons.

High Power Rocket Kit Components - SlimLine Motor Retainers & Adapters

Slimline Motor Retainers & Adapters

Giant Leap Rocketry is now shipping motor adapters specifically designed for the Slimline retainers. The Slimline Motor Adapters, when used with the SlimLine Retainers, produce a completely integrated motor retention system.

High Power Rocket Kit Components - Launch Systems

Launch Systems

To have a safe, the rocket must be held in position before launch and guided during the first second of flight until it is going fast enough for the fins to keep it flying in the proper direction. The launch system performing this function should be designed to aim the rocket straight up. It may be adjustable to that the model can be aimed to correct for wind conditions.

High Power Rocket Kit Components - Composits


Several types of glues and adhesives are commonly used in
the construction of model rockets; the proper glue to use
depends on the application.

Epoxies are recommended for the advanced modeler. Epoxy provides extra strength for the engine mounts and fins of high-thrust rocket kits. It also makes excellent fin fillets in one step.


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