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When folks think of Giant Leap Rocketry the words "unique" or "innovative" come to mind.

See, any vendor can take a nosecone, a tube and some fins, throw the parts in a bag, and call it a "kit". But at Giant Leap Rocketry, we advance rocketry with new ideas and new concepts. For instance, our Mariah series rockets are far beyond anything in the hobby. We coined the term "shotgun recovery" method. We also invented the Fireball zipper stopper, the Slimline Motor Retainer in classic style, nozzle shape and as a tailcone. We introduced composite honeycomb fins to the hobby, and were one of the first to push the use of Kevlar chute protectors and cord protectors. We popularized the use of Kevlar cord as a shockcord when others were still using nylon cords. We convinced others about the dangers of using "elastic" shockcords and popularized the phrase "elastic cords belong in your underpants, not on your rocket." We also created Magna-frame and Dyna-wind, the industry standard in airframes. Our Pinnacle nosecones are the most advanced in the hobby. And who doesn’t know about our Fin Canisters – a great way to attached fins without the hassle! Have you checked out the single most advanced chutes on the market – the TAC Parachutes? Check out our Groove-Lok fin attachment system and our Hardpoint Anchor. You get the point: At Giant Leap, expect the unexpected.

You’ll also love our range of services. Need tubes cut or slotted? Want a cluster motor mount configuration, or some custom fins? We have a superb machine shop at your disposal.

Contact us for more information about custom requests.


Giant Leap Rocketry

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Giant Leap Rocketry

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